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Understanding the Family Mediation Process in Saskatchewan: A Guide by Settlenow.online

Step One – Enrollment in Saskatchewan Family Mediation

Considering separation or divorce in Saskatchewan? Discover why family mediation with Settlenow.online is a less expensive, quicker, and less stressful alternative to traditional divorce methods. Unsure about mediation? Schedule a meeting with us to learn more. We provide comprehensive resources and personalized guidance for both parties.

Step Two – Onboarding for Mediation

Once you choose mediation, we streamline the process:

  1. Sending a mediation agreement.
  2. Conducting individual initial screenings via phone or Zoom.
  3. Providing a detailed questionnaire and a Parenting Plan Worksheet.
  4. Gathering completed questionnaires for analysis.

Step Three – The First Mediation Session in Regina

In our first session, we:

  1. Review and sign the mediation agreement.
  2. Address immediate settlement issues.
  3. Discuss family, children, finances, and property details.
  4. Explore child and spousal support matters.
  5. Identify missing information and strategies to obtain it.

We summarize each session and provide ongoing support and follow-ups.

Step Four – Subsequent Mediation Sessions

Reviewing information, discussing options, and summarizing potential solutions form the crux of these sessions.

Step Five – Finalizing the Settlement

Upon settlement, we prepare:

  1. An interspousal contract and separation agreement.
  2. A comprehensive draft parenting plan.
  3. Assistance in obtaining independent legal advice.

Timing and Efficiency in Mediation

Our goal is a three-month settlement timeline, dependent on timely information exchange. Meetings are scheduled efficiently to facilitate this process.

Cost – Flexible Options for Saskatchewan Residents

Choose between a flat fee for initial sessions and agreement drafting or an hourly rate for extended mediation needs.

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