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*Most couples settle in less than 3 months.

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Your Settlement Can Be Finalized In Weeks...
Instead of Years.

At Settle Now Online, we help you get the facts you need to understand your divorce so you can have choices in front of you. Save years and years of waiting for progress and get your settlement finalized in weeks – all at a fair and reasonable cost.

Save $1000s in Lawyers Fees

Our fees are fair and reasonable so you move on with your life.

Average 3 Months to Settle

Clients at Settle Now Online can settle within 3 months.

40+ Years of Experience

Brad Hunter, K.C. has over 40 years experience helping couples settle.

Save Years of Stress

Through Courts, it can take 2+ years before a judge finally decides.

Avoid the Courts

Our process is completely online so you don't have to go to court or trial.

Online & Efficient

We use the best platform in Online Dispute Resolution.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life Can Start a Lot Sooner.

We know that separation and divorce are stressful – here’s how we make it easy for you.

Online & Effective

Efficient, simple, and convenient. Move on with your life from the comfort of your home. Our process is 100% online and you’re always in a safe, confidential environment.

Minimum Conflict

Our process is lean and efficient. We minimize conflict through coaching on negotiating and communicating so you can eliminate the disastrous conflict many people go through.

Solutions Focused

We focus on getting to a solution so you can both embark on your post-separation life as early and as successfully as possible. We are 100% solutions-focused at Settle Now Online.

Start the Next Chapter of Your Life


Navigating the divorce process is extremely stressful for both spouses. The traditional process for divorce is stressful, expensive, and time consuming. That’s why Brad Hunter, K.C. founded Settle Now Online. 

Brad Hunter, K.C. is a highly experienced divorce lawyer who is changing the way divorce is done. Instead of spending years coming to a settlement in court, Settle Now Online was founded to make divorce more efficient for both spouses. 

With a 100% online system and easy-to-use process, couples can now come to a settlement within months and finally move on with their lives.

"I am on a mission to give people the ability to have a say in their separation and get on with their lives - with dignity and their heads held high. At Settle Now Online, we do just that.

- Brad Hunter, K.C.

Settle Quickly and Get On With Your Life at Settle Now Online

Our Philosophy

You deserve to have a say in the separation. Get on with your lives – with dignity and your heads held high. At Settle Now Online, we give you hope, clarity, and a positive solution to your separation. Our simple 6-step process makes it easy, efficient, and effective.

Our Simple
6-Step Process

Click on the Process steps to learn more about what’s involved and what to expect each step of the way.

We meet with both of you and screen your case to both determine if family dispute resolution is appropriate and how to set up the most effective process for the two of you based on your individual family needs.

We prepare our mediation, arbitration or med/arb agreement and meet with you and your spouse to set up your settlement process.

With you, we review what is important to the two of you and what we need to talk about.

With you all the needed information and documents are gathered and reviewed so you understand your family’s situation.

With you, we review your options and choices and develop different ways to settle your case.

You and your spouse make choices together and come up with an agreement. We prepare settlement documents to help you finalize the agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

At SettleNow.Online, we deal with separation and divorce differently. For most couples, divorce/separation is pretty simple. However, the legal system makes it complicated. Learn more about how SettleNow.Online works here.

Yes – if you want to go to court in Regina or Prince Albert you must engage in one of four early dispute resolution processes (mediation, arbitration, collaborative law or parenting coordination) before the court will allow you to bring a court application. A judge can waive this requirement in exceptional situations.

Yes – we will help you get an agreement which you can use to obtain your divorce.

Yes – whether you’re married or unmarried, our agreements can help you deal with questions arising from separation.

Our website provides you with basic information about settlement, and various aspects of divorce, how to approach divorce or separation.

Often people are not emotionally ready or are not certain as to whether divorce is for them and should consider seeing a family counsellor or other mental health professional about whether they should separate or try to stay together.

We do not provide legal advice but with legal information. Any agreement for dividing property must be reviewed and signed by a lawyer. We will help you with that process.
If you have a question we will get back to you within 24 hours on any technical issues that you may have. We use backup systems for when our technology is not working.

Yes – For any valid mediation or any valid contract, both you and your spouse will need to sign any documents either in person or electronically.

You do not need to use the same computer or be on a computer at the same time. You can access our site through any device at a time that works for you. Sometimes we will expect both of you to be electronically present at a meeting where everyone will attend through the use of online conferencing technology.

We provide basic information about the law in Saskatchewan and how it works. Specific legal questions need to be answered by a lawyer.
Unfortunately, if you’re unable to locate or get a hold of your spouse, we cannot help you. You may need to review this with a lawyer who can try to get you legal relief even when your spouse cannot be found.
No – we can put in our agreement how you will get your divorce, who will do it how you will share the cost.
We can provide you with a certificate of completion of mediation that will allow you to go to Court if you do not settle. However, if you are married you will need to go to court to obtain a divorce. This is simple if you have settled. If you are not married, you may never need to go to court.
Most often, people at the start of a divorce do not feel that they will be able to settle anything but once a proper mediation process is used, they find that they can settle everything. We can prepare a partial agreement to settle some issues and leave others to be resolved in other ways through a judge, arbitration, a parenting coordinator or through some other way. Sometimes, some issues never need to be settled.

The costs will depend on how complicated your case is.

An hourly rate will be charged plus PST and GST.

These fees do not include any out-of-pocket costs such as real estate appraisals, personal property valuations, or accountant’s advice which you will be expected to pay directly.

We will consider offering you a “Flat Fee” arrangement depending on your case.

Payment can be made by way of visa or other authorized credit cards, electronic transfer or cheque.

No, but if you have property outside of Saskatchewan different rules may apply. For some rights to exist you must have lived together more than two years.
Settle now is currently only available in Saskatchewan. We hope to expand soon.

Absolutely – and it may be the best way to go. Children are your most important concern. Your children will benefit if you and your spouse can agree.

Absolutely – we provide help gathering information, reviewing it and understanding it.

Absolutely – working together on farms and businesses is more effective because we can get the assistance of qualified financial professionals to review information.

Legal disputes over splitting a farm or business can be extremely costly and take years.

Yes – you can you SettleNow.Online, but it may be more difficult depending on where the children reside primarily. Get in touch with us to explore your options.

No. If there is a family property settlement you will require a lawyer to give you independent advice and perhaps for finalizing the transfer of assets.

Click here to learn more about whether you need a lawyer, how to find one, and more.

Choose a lawyer who has your best interests at heart. Check to see if they have training in mediation or collaborative law.  Make sure that the lawyer understands your goals and desire to settle. If they start talking about court early, question them about whether your case will ever go to trial.

Yes. If you need to discuss anything with your lawyer you should do so whenever the situation arises. They can also communicate with the mediator and review any documents that have been produced.

Your lawyer can attend any meetings you want them to at your cost.

Why Choose Settle Now Online?

The old divorce process is outdated, expensive, and takes 2 years on average. You deserve to get on with your lives – with dignity and your heads held high. At Settle Now Online, we give you hope, clarity, and a positive solution to your separation. Our simple 6-step process makes it easy, efficient, and effective.

Traditional Court-Based Divorce

Avg. 2 Years To Settle
  • Extremely high costs
  • Significant waiting period
  • Slow & outdated process
  • You have no say in the process

Using Settle Now Online

Avg. 3 MONTHS To Settle
  • Save THOUSANDS in lawyers fees
  • Most couples settle in less than 3 months
  • We work quickly, efficiently, and effectively
  • You and your spouse are in control at every step
  • 99% of couples settled without going to trial

Our Guarantee to You

Simply by going through our free screening process you will get access to valuable information and resources at no cost. If we don’t think we can help you we will tell you right away so we won’t waste your time.
Here are a few more reasons that make us stand apart from the rest.

Free Access to the Best Resources

Simply by going through our free screening process, you will get access to valuable information and resources at no cost.

Your Best Interests Are Our #1 Priority

At Settle Now Online, we focus on your best interests. This means that if we are not the right fit we will refer you to someone who is.

Simple & Effective Screening Process

We only take on clients who we think we can help and we will let you know if we can’t help you – so we don’t waste your time.

You Deserve a Fresh Start.

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