How Settle Now Online Works


At Settle Now Online we deal with separation and divorce differently.

For most couples divorce/separation should be pretty simple. However, emotions and the legal system can make it complicated.

Couples need to negotiate a parenting plan. Couples need to share property and deal with support. The rules are clear and once you have trusted information, often the answers are often clear.

Once you decide on the basic weekly parenting plan for your children, deciding on questions such as holidays and activities is something most people don’t have much trouble doing.

You need to decide if one of you will keep the house or whether it will be sold, how much it is worth, how to divide your vehicles and furniture, how to deal with pension savings and debts and consider any other assets you have. Dividing your property does not need to be difficult.

Figuring out your income starts by looking at your income tax returns and support is determined by both child and spousal support guidelines.

You may be speaking with or texting your ex-partner daily, working out questions around the kids. You want to make your agreement and divorce/separation as seamless as possible so you can both get on with your lives.

If you both play by the rules, your settlement can be pretty straightforward.

How we do things at Settle Now Online

Once you and your spouse agreed to use our process the following happens:

  1. We meet with each of you individually to screen your case and advise you about the best ways to settle.
  2. You will sign an online mediation agreement.
  3. You and your spouse will determine a date for valuation and discuss what you want to do with the house and other assets in a very basic way and what has been agreed about the children.
  4. You will both complete an online questionnaire about your assets, debts, incomes, dreams and fears.
  5. Together with you, we will collect the information and documents which will help verify the information that both of you present.
  6. You will have the opportunity to look at the documents and information so you will be fully informed. We help you understand that information by providing you with a review and summary of the information we have obtained.
  7. We help you understand how to negotiate if you need to and you will have access to coaches who can help you make the decisions you need to make.
  8. We will meet with the two of you in an online mediation session to try to resolve any outstanding points that you may have.

If you settle

  1. We will prepare draft settlement documents for you to look at and review.
  2. We will forward to each of your lawyers instructions as to how to finalize your divorce/settlement.
  3. We will meet with you and/or your lawyers to discuss any issues they may raise.

If you don't settle

  1. We will provide you with a detailed summary of what we did with the information we are able to gather.
  2. You will be able to take the disclosure you have received to your lawyer.
  3. You can agree with your spouse to arbitration for any outstanding issue.
  4. We will provide you with a Certificate you participated in family dispute resolution allowing you to move forward in your Court case.

how we charge

For most people we will quote a fixed charge/fee subject to any additional costs such as getting a house appraisal.

If your case is more complicated or takes longer an hourly fee will be used or added.

Everyone deserves a fresh start.
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